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Post COVID-19 Travel Trends And Opportunities

Post COVID-19 Travel Trends and Opportunities

The first five months of 2020 slowed down several industries, including the tourism industry. Due to the pandemic, most countries shut down their international airline network, and any business or leisure traveling was restricted. But as the new medicines manufacturing and natural recovery of people are slowly speeding up, the tourism industry is about to get back into the business through a controlled environment. Despite many countries facing the quarantine, the tourism industry is ready to put efforts in promoting safe travel. Different sectors are now working together to provide comfort, safety, and convenience to people at the destinations that have opened up today.

Croatia is the first country to open

Croatia is the first country to open up tourism once again, along with China and Vietnam in Asia. Countries like Greece, Vietnam, Denmark, Egypt, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Portugal, and Switzerland have also reopened tourism destinations and attractions. Every tourism attraction in these countries has arranged a social distancing and sanitization measures to ensure control over the pandemic.

After being impacted majorly by COVID-19, Italy has recovered fast and opened domestic tourism after four months gap. Germany has also terminated the lockdown and opened up tourism for Europen countries. Anyone traveling to Italy and Germany does not have to self-isolate themselves upon arrival and can travel around while maintaining the social distancing procedures.

Hong Kong is the safest travel destination

With only a 0.53 rate of average-case per million, Hong Kong is the safest travel destination right now, followed by Japan(0.63), and Greece(1.51). Italy, France, and Spain have also emerged from being the epicenter for COVID-19 to become a safe tourist destination. While many other countries are opening up domestic tourism, they are still unsure about starting international tourism.


Countries are opening domestic tourism.

Over 50% of countries are now open for domestic tourism. The tourism industry is encouraging people to travel domestically and help the declining economy of the states due to the collapse of tourism sectors in the past five months. The travel enthusiasts are also supporting this cause by traveling to nearby destinations, but not too far from home. Only 31% of the countries have permitted international tourism for a selected number of countries.

Online booking is the norm now

A maximum number of tourist destinations and travel agencies have mandated online bookings. The exchange of cash is not regulated for now to prevent any contact between the services and tourists. Compared to 85% of all experiences sold offline in the past, 45% of the services have switched to online bookings.


Paper tickets are out of the picture now that tourists have access to digital tickets for transport, accommodations, and activities. Pre-bookings also ensure that there is no queue in front of the ticket counters, and people have enough time to sanitize themselves before entering the local attractions. It also limits the number of people to enter a place (Museums, art galleries, historical sites) and avoids any crowding.



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